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Fanney Khan Movie 2018 | Fanney Khan Movie Review | Fanney Khan Movie Trailer

Fanney Khan Movie 2018 

Fanney Khan the movie of a father who wants to be own daughter a next singer sensession. He give to own daughter a big stage in singing industry.

Review: That man dream is make own future be a big singer like Mohd Rafi. Prasahnt Sharma (Anil Kapoor) is very popular as Fanney Khan among his closes friends, he praying actor Shammi Kapoor as own idol and lives for his dream of super star, he does not achive own dreams So he wants his daughter to become a big singer, That’s why he named her as Singer Lata Mangeshkar, Lata (Pahu Sand). Teens do not only sing well but also dance well a dream, But because of his plus size he has to be embarrassed on stage again.

Fanney Khan Movie 2018
But his father doing everything for own daughter a big star And Lata mother Kavita (Divya Dutta) also support all time for her future.

Anil Kapoor also does everything as a bona fide father, but still he is pressed for the reason that his child is not successful. He attacks the right balance for a middle class man in Mumbai who is struggling between dreams and reality.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looking gorgeous with own role a hot singer Baby and Raj Kumar Rao is good Friend of Prashant Sharma, Raj Kumar Rao chemistry with Anil Kapoor in the movie is unnatural but is missing behind the comedy scene.
The story of movie look wondering in the second half, there has no real back story of Baby singh, Baby singh manager wants that she (Baby Singh) war drop malfunction victim on the stage in a realty show.

Fanney Khan Movie 2018
Fanney Khan Movie 2018

Fanney Khan is a fully musically drama movie of stars, the star showing magic own beautiful voice, the will show has parents wants to complete own dreams by throw own childrens, its clearly Anil kapoor is the show stopper of this movie, who give his best performance in movie and you should definitely see Fanney Khan Movie.

Fanney Khan Movie Official Trailer 2018

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