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Vishvaroopam -2 Movie | Actor Kamal Hasan | Vishvaroopam – 2 2018 ChaTz

Vishvaroopam -2

Actor Kamal Hasan movies every time keep away from the leak, Vishvaroopam – 2 is resolved around with terrorism, but the director this time applying the way of showing the movie but unfortunately movie get confused with it .
The prequel and continuation the story advanced in over a significant time and confound the scene of at various times seriously, the story of this movie usually appear to be fighting with issues of besides giving inventive measurements.Story: Movie Vishvaroopam – 2 is start from vishvaroopam part 1 end, where you drop V-1, movie starting with some major flash back scenes from the movie V-1, Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri (Kamal Hasan) is flying with own senior colonel jagannath (Shekhar Kapoor) and with his two hot girls Ashmita (Andrea Jeremiah) and Nirupama (Puja Kumar) and now they ready to working with own new responsibilities on it. This time aim to stop the terrorism of terrorism spread Omar (Rahul Bose).

vishwaroopam-2 Kamal Hasan
vishwaroopam-2 Kamal Hasan

In flashback sequence we will see Wisam has given training to Ashmita during her military days and how could have be a love story, the story is not going on proper way in story because it has so much flashback scenes, act as prequel and sequel to own first part Vishvaroopam.

vishwaroopam-2 Kamal Hasan Andrea Jeremiah
vishwaroopam-2 Kamal Hasan Andrea Jeremiah

Some unfamiliar facts were high light about the involvement of Wisam with Omar and Al-Qaeda team and how he planned to arrest Omar, and Omar is come back to india at this time, Wisam has try to counter his attack and defuse bombs before run out of the timer.

Movie Review: if you want to watching this movie so please don’t waste your money, because we earned the money so much hard work, you have to rest some time and watch this movie at home after some days.


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